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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Condition:-

Amiga is undoubtedly a top adult advertising portal that publishes love ads. All users of this website are encouraged to read the privacy policy as a whole.

All personal information of the companion or internet visitor who receives it is stored or managed in accordance with the relevant data protection laws.

We are committed to the Privacy Policy, which sets out specific rules and procedures. Through which all of your data is stored and then processed.

Please note that when communicating with an escort, you must use the specific contact information listed in the section with the announcements you uploaded. It is not responsible for confirming the correctness of the data. The way in which escort information is accessed from other sources is not controlled. It is the sole responsibility of the escorts to certify the data. It is the sole responsibility of the partners and the user as well as interested customers that the information published on the website is genuine. This contributes to the smooth handling and provision of erotic services. Tailor the skills of the individual and the particular needs and requirements of the "leisure seeker".

What information do we collect?

One collects the list of information from the companions and the other "fun seekers".

The complete information provided by Pleasure Givers when placing or profiling an ad. Information like: email address, contact number and even other important details in the ad. Here the escort is free to reveal information about the hot woman.

Name and email address of the recipient or "pleasure seeker" receiving the escort services.

This is where escort information is simply collected. The sole purpose of this is to enable a contract between the location and the escort. The other information contained in the advertisement is limited to our use only.

Our collection of the database containing the "Search Pleasure" is done for the proper execution of the legal operation of this website. In addition, it helps "leisure seekers" to get the services they want. Also what really serves the purpose for which the gateway platform is being developed?

The use of our data

In addition, in the "Privacy Policy" that we make available to our customers, personal information is limited to internal registration. Then maintenance and continuous improvement of our products or services.

Your important information is completely safe here. All information is stored on secure servers. Allows you to access your personalized account only with a specific username and password. Strict technical and organizational measures are used to hide data.


When can we pass information on to third parties?

Legally Permitted Disclosure

By using this website you acknowledge and agree that the webmaster has the right to transmit the information. If it is necessary according to the legal obligation. Your information will also be shared with government agencies on a case-by-case basis.

Someone needs your personal information to perform a series of authentication processes

Detect, investigate and prevent cybercrime.

In full compliance with the law.

However, this information, which is passed on to third parties, is not published for any other reason.

Dissemination of information

Your sensitive personal data or information can be passed on to third parties regardless of their location if you have given the appropriate consent.

All sensitive information can also be passed on to third parties. Regardless of its location, only if you have agreed to share it.

Refuse to consent to the provision of information

It is easy to refuse to provide personal data or information. All you have to do is decline to accept a "privacy policy". One also has the right to refuse the previously given permission by writing an email about the same data protection. However, do not accept our data protection provisions and do not revoke your consent. You cannot access the information that you are really looking for.

Correction of your information

If any personal information needs to be changed, revised, or corrected, you can correct it too. All you have to do is send an email to support@rainbowhotties.com

Protection of victims of abuse

There is no need to follow rules and regulations or a protocol if we discover that the information relates to a party, a person who is being trafficked, abused or coerced. We can also pass on personal data to authorities that are deemed appropriate for reporting or handling such data. This type of agency can include child protection services, law enforcement agencies, or court clerks.

Age restrictions

This website is specifically intended for adult websites as defined in the Terms of Use.


Our website and database are equipped with a number of security measures that protect against loss, misuse or modification of the data stored in the database. We have installed extremely secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and / or robust encryption technology (3DES) for credit card transactions, access to our website data as an administrator and other exclusive security measures in connection with the transmission of user information. We take great care to ensure that the information is securely transmitted to all users. However, since no information transmitted over the Internet can be 100% infallible, the latter assumes no responsibility if the information is accidentally disclosed.

Links or access from other websites

It is important to know that external links, products or services offered by third parties are not linked to our "Privacy Policy". We should not be held responsible for any products or services provided by third parties. Using this website will bring you to all of the third party links for which you should read the third party instructions. This must be done before any important information is sent to the link. We are certainly not responsible in the event that it could result in loss or any other type of damage to your reputation.

Access to information

The data protection laws enable you to know and access data stored about you. Your right of access can be exercised in accordance with the data protection regulations. It is easy to request access to your data and we will respond within 30 days of the deadline. If you don't mind, use the contact details below.

Contact the site

If you have any questions about your privacy policy or security statement, site activity, or your relationship with the site.

Conflict resolution

In the event of a dispute or dispute over non-compliance with the terms and conditions, all matters will be settled exclusively in India as far as we know, if you submit to the respective location of these two courts to dispute such a case and the laws of India will apply.

Changes to this data protection statement

We may change this privacy policy if we deem it appropriate or required by law. Users will then be notified of the changes as they are posted on the site immediately. Each user must accept the terms of the privacy policy the first time they use it after changes.


AMIGA page may enclose contented of a mature scenery. Website are planned for ADULTS line only and can embrace photos and goods that several audience may unearth disgusting. If you are underneath the epoch of 18, if such textile affront you or rider it is illegal to outlook such textile in your hamlet please EXIT now.

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